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Earn Money. Help Your Clients. Protect Future Commission.

When you refer a client to CMS Properties and Real Estate you can relax and know that we will take great care of your client and make you look like a rockstar for referring us!


We know how important it is to maintain your reputation to your clients. Our customer service, attention to details and knowledge of the state, local and federal laws shine when working with your clients. We keep them happy so it reflects positively on your recommendation. 


And, don't worry, when they're ready to sell, we'll send them right back to you so you can pick up with them where you left off.

Next Steps: 
Fill out the form to refer your client.  We'll reach out to them and explain our services.
We'll keep you in the loop and when the property is under management and rented we will pay you a $300 referral fee.
Refer a Client
Call 480-571-3131 or contact us below

Thanks for submitting! A member of our team will reach out shortly.

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