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  • When is Rent Due?
    Rent is due on the first day of the month and late if not received. If the rent is not received by midnight on the 5th day of the month, our firm will post a five-day notice. If a tenant fails to pay rent within the allotted amount of time set by law, a court order will be sent to them and the eviction process will begin. Our management style is extremely proactive. We identify late paying tenants early and take aggressive legal action as quickly as is allowed by law.
  • Can I designate who I want as tenants for my home?
    You can specify whether or not the tenant is allowed to have a pet, but you may not discriminate against any protected class under the Federal Fair Housing Act or local housing laws. Protected classes include, but may not be limited to: race, color, religion, sex, country of origin, familial status, married/unmarried and age (except allowed senior housing developments.) CMS Properties and Real Estate has consistent guidelines in place for tenant approval combined with employment, credit and criminal background checks to ensure that a responsible tenant is placed in your property.
  • Is there an escrow amount that must be kept in my account for repairs?
    Yes, we require a $400 maintenance deposit to be held in our trust account for repairs. This balance will be used should we experience the need for a repair that is $300 or less. If this amount becomes depleted due to a repair, we will replenish it from your rent income and will document this for you on your monthly rental statement.
  • Do I have to allow pets in the property?
    No, you can choose what pets, if any, will be allowed in your home. You may choose to allow none, dogs only, cats only, cats and dogs or limit the size or breeds allowed. Keep in mind that if you decide not to allow any pets within your home you will be eliminating more than 70 percent of potential renters and it could be substantially more difficult to rent your home. If you decide to allow pets, CMS Properties and Real Estate normally charges the tenant a pet deposit. Please note that an assistive animal is not considered a pet by federal law.
  • What is the application criteria?
    CMS Properties and Real Estate Tenant Requirements: 1. Applicants must have a fairly clean Criminal History. This includes violent crimes, property damage, sexual offenses or fraud convictions. 2. Applicants should have fairly clean credit history. 3. Applicants should have a clean rental history. Applicants with prior evictions will be denied. 4. Proof of income. Gross monthly income must be at least 3 times that of monthly rent. Paystubs and/or bank documents are considered proof. 5. Proof of prior residency is required. This can be a letter from your last landlord, landlord contact info or proof of ownership. 6. A government issued ID such as driver's license, passport, etc. will be required for each occupant 18 years and older. 7. Applicants MUST view rental in person BEFORE applying. Only an actual physical visit can assure the applicant that the rental property will meet their needs.
  • What is the Pet Criteria?
    It is at the landlord's discretion to determine if he/she will allow pets in their rental homes. Service animals and emotional support animals must be allowed if medically needed with proper documentation. There is additional security deposit required when a tenant has a pet. Pets must be sceened by a third party vendor Certain breeds of dogs must be approved by the Owner regardless of age and carry an extra liability policy naming the owner and CMS Properties and Real Estate Realty as added insured parties. Some breeds are not allowed - these breeds include, but are not limited to: Pit Bull, German Shepherd, Rottweiler, Doberman and Chow. THE ABOVE CRITERIA DOES NOT APPLY TO ANY ASSISTIVE ANIMALS.
  • When can you start managing my property?
    We can start immediately. We will analyze the market rent, review the property condition and start marketing for rent as soon as you are ready. Call or email us to get started.
  • What types of reports do you provide?
    We provide you with 24/7 access to your owner portal. In there you will find your monthly owner statements. We also provide you with a 1099 at the end of the year for taxes. If you want custom reports we can provide those as well. Just let us know what works best for you.
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