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Tenant Move Out Guidelines

In order to maximize your security deposit refund, please read and follow the guidelines we have posted here.

Your lease agreement requires that you leave the property in a clean and undamaged condition. This list, in conjunction with your original move-in sheet and/or videos or photos, will be used as a guideline for your checkout inspection.

Prior to returning your security deposit, we will inspect the property and the grounds at our earliest convenience once ALL keys and garage door openers have been returned or relinquished to CMS Properties and Real Estate.

As a reminder, your lease requires that you keep all utilities on to the property for three (3) days after move out  (or until the end of your lease – whichever is longer) so we can perform the final inspection.  If a move-out inspection cannot be done due to no utilities, you will be charged a $75 trip charge for the inspector to come back at another time.

According to Arizona Landlord Tenant Law, we have 14 business days to return your deposit. All efforts will be made to return your deposit as quickly as possible.

Our goal with this letter and checklist is to assist you in preparing the property for inspection so that you put yourself in the best position possible to retain your security deposit.  Please note that your security deposit may not be used as your last month’s rent.


Please note that we MUST also have a forwarding address to mail a check to you. You can update this in your tenant portal.


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